Two of my biggest loves are heritage and trains. Within the age of six, my father took my brother and myself on the Sacramento Railroad Museum. Which was a very impressionable age. We walked round the shows and my father examine the place the locomotives ran And exactly how they Just about every affected the history of our place.

Numerous young children love trains. We reside in the age of Thomas this and Gordon that. 200-ton fashionable locomotives undoubtedly are a sight, having said that, being close to them is not the most secure way to show your enthusiastic kid-rail admirer about how the railroad functions.

America has a huge selection of railroad museums in all sizes and shapes. Chances are you’ve numerous inside your point out.

Railroad museums give us a destination to get exterior on summer time weekends. Youthful fanatics can see and infrequently stand upon and stroll by means of pieces of railroad record. In an period in which Many people are becoming rusty about dates which include “1776,” what might be much better than showing a younger fanatic that trains are not just “Thomas.” Witness true iron horses which have a proud story that both equally both you and your youngster can share.

Many railroad museums have true working pieces of apparatus. This information and facts is provided by most of the stated museums. The distinction between watching a teach at a museum and about the mainline is usually that a museum will make sure to preserve you and Your kids at a safe distance.

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Andy Fletcher’s job as an artist commenced early. He began drawing trains-among his 1st loves-from his own photos when he was still at school. In 1992, Burlington Northern Railroad requested him to design and style their well-liked SD70MAC Govt shade plan. Entirely, Andy has drawn more than a thousand trains, from steam to modern diesel and cars and trucks, cabooses together with other products. He continues to be commissioned to paint trains for a lot of the railroad historical societies and museums.